Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The King is Dead

Fernando Poe, Jr. has a special place in the hearts of many of my family members, including me. We have watched together as a family, many an FPJ movies, with the Panday series being our favorite.

Growing up with two older brothers - my cinematic exposure in my pre-teens were mostly Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and locally, FPJ movies.

Secondly, he is married to Susan Roces, an Ilongga and student of UNO-R, where my mom and aunts too, went to school.

Thirdly he endorsed San Miguel Beer and embodied the 'iba ang may pinagsamahan' line to a tee.

In an indirect way, his father is the model of The Oblation, my alma mater's famous statue espousing freedom of thought and education.

So his death, just at the end of an unsuccessful political career, has brought me sadness and a bit of nostalgia.

To The King of Filipino movies, ikaw pa rin ang tunay na panday!

God rest your soul and give you eternal peace.

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