Sunday, May 29, 2005

Car, please!

Long time no blog. OK so now every car I see drives me to the point of feverish, mouth-watering, car-less maniac that I am. I want a car but unfortunately cannot afford one. I've called up some ads, emailed further queries to a few more, visited the showrooms just to drive myself more into the insane car-craving mad-woman that I am at this point in time of my life. Car me!

This blog serves as a plea to all you friends and associates of old and recent encounters to please - phu....leez! the operative word being: read between the lines! come up with some sort of financial scheme to get me car-ized and driving! I have three second hand yet not too old vacuum cleaners. What if I made out raffle tickets towards those? Do you think someone would be witless enough or ehem COMPASSIONATE enough to purchase a few stubs? All for a good cause mind you...I can give you a lift anywhere else in Al Ain you'd like to go - and on weekends, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah can be included in the itinerary. Of course for those of you who aren't in the UAE, you can send money order or checques to my office address...hehehehe. Email me and let's coordinate :-)

Since, if I had a car, I'd be one of the many who helps pollute our environment and cause global warming, you can then dump some of the world's pollution problems on me. Fair enough trade off don't you think?

Oh that depressingly pathetic song comes to mind again: "I'm not an actor, I'm not a star...and I don't even have my own car..." Jeez!

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