Monday, March 20, 2006

Drinking session humour or not

This really happened.

One time Oliver and I were out drinking...and this happened when we were already parents, he mentioned about what he'd do if he was a part of the landed elite (panginoong may lupa). After his plans of you know, giving acres and acres to his family and the poor, I told him this option:

What if you were super duper rich and you had this vast tracks of land to do away with? I'd suggested he get himself some Aetas who are really pint-sized (pygmy) and plant them on his soil. Use every technology and science that his money and power could afford and make them tall.

A bit racist or at least anti-sector-ist?! But at that time it was sooo funny. Maybe it was the two parts vodka one part lime that did it.

But just imagine. You get rows and rows of Aetas and feed them, care for them, make sure they don't budge until they grow an inch. And send them off....Then again, you'd need individual green-house types to protect each one from the elements. They can poop standing or sitting, good fertiliser!

OK, I'm a bit on the far side but like I said it has its humorous side. Or maybe it is in the delivery?

O heck, you decide...or not.

Tee hee!

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