Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Watched the film 'Munich' a while ago and the odd feeling has been
lingering in my mind and heart. Parang a dose of indigestion, it
worries me...

The movie doesn't really show preference for a side, despite it
being about a particular group's revenge on a particular group's
attacks. But what happens is it implodes - inside you, in your gut
feel - a primal fear or anxiety or imbalance at what our world
really is or what it has been for ages...a battlefield.

Such a scary reality to raise a child and yet we do, with the hope
that eventually things will get better, that people will start being
cordial, civil, forgiving towards one another; that those fighting
for so long against one another would just, in the blink of an eye,
put down their weapons (of mass destruction, pun intended!) and
embrace one another as brothers. After all, aren't we people of one
earth? We bleed just like the rest of humanity, love our family
despite our faults as human beings, cherish what we love in the
midst of all this chaos, just looking for a peace of earth where,
ika nga sa friendster note ni Tacing (hi Tacing!), we can be at

The image of the woman/assasin they killed left me with sorrow.
There are killers who fight for a cause yet you must wear decent
underwear for unexpected moments like being killed in your bathrobe!

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