Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Man (another poem unearthed from the past!)

i saw him again today
we stared at each other for a time
he with all the years etched on his face
all those lines each with a story to tell

i'd like to come closer
and speak to him, touch his beard
feel his face and know the story of each line
share the memories hidden in each aged fold

but i turned away
to go because i've not the courage
neither the daring nor the wit to go near him
couldn't stay and stare, just stare forever

yet i regret
for i'll never see the man again
on the morrow he is going back home
his own land across the sea, far away

perhaps i will
go and visit him one day
when i've saved up enough to travel
and find him in this famous French museum

his was truly
the friendliest face i've ever seen
painted oil on canvas, measured 37 by 43
how i wish, i knew his name.

(found this written on tissue paper with Jollibee logo - must be pre-Jollibee Philcoa days though, more like Jollibee SM or Pantranco, late 80s or early 90s, before 1992)

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