Wednesday, April 04, 2007


The name of an angel
With a smile that’s like heaven
You look at me and my heart leaps
Happy and nervous at the same time

A face of beauty
That could rival that of Helen’s
Your friendship means so much
I’m afraid you’ll never be mine

My heart’s full of love
Meant for no one else but you
I stare blindly into the darkness
Wishing that you knew

A friend I may be
One who’ll always be so
But more than that, I would love
To love you openly, freely, true.

If only you knew, that I love you.

Al Ain, UAE
in my computer while Barry, my Canadian colleague, is playing Bubbles
4th April 2007
Naisip ko lang while driving
Pwede kayang song? Gusto ko si Bamboo kakanta....

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