Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Silent September, October comes too quickly

Catching Up

Been neglecting this blog as I got caught up with blogging about the Philippine remake of a Mexican soap, "Marimar" but I must drop a few lines about recent meanderings of my attention.

John Lloyd Cruz looks like Sam Milby

This is not a compliment! I saw him in Wowowee I think last month when he hosted the shaky game shown for a couple of days and the first thing that I said to myself seeing my "crush" is "WTF?!" He looks like a metro-sexual! So Sam Milby-ish in appearance and look at the rumours about that guy's sexual orientation eh?!

OK he's still good looking and looked very neat but hello, he's got G-A-Y spelled out all over him (not that there's anything wrong with that - Seinfeld) but well it doesn't suit him at all, IMHO.

Where's the slightly curly, scruffy, BOY-ish look? The operative word here is BOY - lalaki, man, heterosexual, male. I was just so disappointed. I mean, what the heck is Miss Liz Uy doing to the guy? Bading na bading na ang dating nya, porma and all and please stop making him diet...I want the pudgy boy-next-door, natural hair idol I love! Stop cloning him into another Piolo/Sam look-alike as it is not him. JLC if you do read my blog, I love you and have always admired you in how you tackle your roles but the fashionista look, drop it, por favor! Parang awa mo na. Kinikilabutan ako sa halip na kiligin sa iyo.

Paolo Ballesteros, Beautiful in Zaido

On the one hand, here's a guy who's been rumoured to be gay. In fact he's been getting jibes at some da-barkads in the nootime show of our life, EB, that he is one. But he is truly admirable in choosing this role in Zaido, proving many that he is man enough and comfortable in his own skin to don an almost female-ish costume.

Kagandahan sha, reminiscent of a younger Melanie Marquez...why not?! Go Paolo, you are truly exploring the limits of your acting dimensions and for that you are 100% man!

Just one question: Kailangan ba talaga ganon ang project ng voice mo sa role? Male Japanese anime characters are terribly beautiful to women-like features but keep a male speaking voice.

The Eid Al Fitr

Ramadan had passed these parts with a very quiet and laid-back month of fasting and doing good. It culminated in a 3-day holiday for Eid just last week and our home played host to friends and family who wanted to escape the noise and traffic jams of Dubai or Abu Dhabi and relax in green and provincial Al Ain. Thanks to the Hilaos: Dan, Espie, Dave, Gelo and Dean complete with diminutive yaya Ging-ging for keeping our friendship in tact despite the distance and the hectic lives we lead. Thanks to J, Jim and Tatin for coming over and spending some quality time with the family.

When all is said and done, family and true friends are the ones left stading by your side when you fall. Eid Mubarak!

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