Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Marimar Episode 80, missed because of Eat Bulaga!

Apologies to my blog readers. I am so behind at posting Marimar episode recaps as I had been in over my head with work. Also there have been so many holidays that I was unable to get my hands on an Internet connection to post my stuff.

Also, I missed the episode number 80 - yung umalis si Innocencia sa bahay ni Marimar because she got caught conniving with Sergio, sneaking Cruzita out to meet her father against Marimar's orders. Kasi, nasa Abu Dhabi kami - super pila and watched Eat Bulaga at the national theater - naku separate post on our ordeal/adventure. Watch this space!

If anyone can email me a copy of the episode, I'll create a blog on it -

More Marimar recaps soon!

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