Thursday, October 14, 2010

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition

I've always been a fan of Survivor and have followed the first two Philippine editions and now the third is huge as it is the celebrities trying to outlive, outwit and outwit one another to survive. I've miss the first two episodes but have religiously followed the rest and I'm totally hooked!

I'm impressed with Mama Elma Muros and Solenn Heussaf and also Aira Bermudez. These three women are from different backgrounds but they have many things in common. They are the epitome of the modern Filipina: strong physically, beautiful inside and out, with infallible morality that they stand out from the rest.

The recent challenges, I've noticed that Jon who seems to be always spot on in knowing what to do has appeared to be "weakening" first forgetting to bring their tools to a challenge that clearly told them that they will have to dig for something.

Secondly is why did they let Aubrey sit out when she was the perfect person to do the "Walang Tulugan" reward challenge? Everyone knew Mama Elma sleeps early so why didn't they let her sit it out? At least Aira was honest to say she cannot handle it and was then allowed to sit out the challenge.

I think Mama Elma, Solenn and Aira should form an alliance. Mico should join them so their Survivor journey would be extended.

I like Akihiro, he's just too nice! I wonder if that's his strategy and we'll see the "dark side" later. But for now, he's the one I'd like to get stuck with in an island :)

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