Sunday, January 20, 2013

20th January and it's 2013!

How time flies!  I have been ruminating about my New Year's resolutions and now the first month of the year is almost over.  I missed my high school's 25th year reunion but I'm not so updet about it.  The friends I've made in high school are still very much my friends now and though we have been living in different parts of the world, thanks to social sites, we're still in touch and do see one another from time to time.

Some of the things I want to do this year would be:

1. Find the time to Read More Books.

So I'm currently reading Casual Vacancy and The City of Ashes, I am also reading this manga book Death Note with my daughter Amber as well as re-reading The Hobbit with her too.   My dad used to read 203 books at a time and would get the plots and characters mixed up when we talked about them.  I miss him especially round the holidays when I'd get depressed and miss loved ones so far away or long gone.

2. Finish a Quilt Project.

I've cut up pieces of clothing from Amber's baby clothes, the ones that were not too nice to give away, with tears of stains, intending to make a quilt.  I've been procrastinating on this one for ages, I must complete it this year!

3. Return to Blogging.

Somehow things piled up and my blog has truly suffered for it.  So new year, new start, new promise to blog more.  Watch this space!

4. Teach Amber to swim.

I failed at teaching her to ride a bike.  I've thrown in the towel on that one, opting to let her ride on a trike.  But I intend for her to learn to swim.  It could save her life in crazy situations.  But the weather is just so brrrr lately that I'll wait for warmer climes before I launch this project with her.

5. Learn Photography

Hubby is now quite adept but I'm still the novice and so my promise is to learn how this works - lighting, shutter speed, everything!  Mostly I tune off when he's teaching me.  This time, I will try to pay attention.  I mean, REALLY pay attention.

There you go.  Five items already on my 2013 TO DO List!  I would keep saying watch this space for blogs on these projects.   Yeah, do watch this space!

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