Wednesday, April 07, 2004

House Haunting

I'm thinking about moving to a bigger flat. Doesn't necessarily have to be new or really posh but I'd like 3 bedrooms as I have frequent in-laws from Abu Dhabi often visit me. They usually camp in the living room where the space is huge but it would be nice if they have a room for some privacy.

And so I'm haunted by my desire to move and to find the best option possible. I'm starting to get confused, the more flats I see and the more real estate people I talk to. I'm just waiting for a sign that will affirm one option as 'The One'.

Oh the joys of packing and unpacking, I better print this blog a thousand times to be able to have enough paper to wrap glasses and plates...Or I could just stay in my current flat and pretend I'm in Venice. hmmm

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