Saturday, June 12, 2004

Family Ties

My father is sick. Somehow our distance from each other makes it worse. I'd love to be near him and help out in caring for him, especially that my mom is also getting along in years and she has her mother to worry about as well. My mom cares for both my grandmother and her husband. She is also the sole breadwinner of her slowly decreasing family members as we children have decided to leave the country for greener pastures abroad. I'd like to help out, even - at least - financially but times are hard for me at the moment as well. I'm not afraid about losing loved ones. A long time ago, in my early childhood, I have already understood that people we love will come and go in our lives. My fear is more in having loved ones leave before I can properly say goodbye. I wish death were like a Pinoy movie's last full show where you have the national anthem played at the beginning of the final show. Then people will pay more attention to the movie because they can no longer review it. I'll have to make a new blog for Pinoy well as our independence day anniversary which happens to be today. Later or maybe tomorrow. Inshallah.

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