Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I wished I had a portacabin all to myself. It would be my own little world where I can hide from the world when it gets to quesy for my takes...which sometimes happens, especially during difficult times when problems arise be it a home or at work.

I will create my own atmosphere, keeping it cool 24/7 and paint the interior with clouds and apples on a sky blue background. I will put cushions and rugs to give it a cozy feel. A small fridge with cool drinks and some snacks to keep me from hunger, and a surround speaker where relaxing music flows.

If I had a portacabin, I'll buy a huge 4-wheel truck where I would attach my rectangular block and take it anywhere - even to the mall. It would be easier doing groceries as it would save me the trouble of having to haul my horde to a car then at home. I'd bring my groceries into the portacabin direct!

*burst* Oh wait a minute, I will also need a porta-let to do my business in. Or any old newspaper that I could bunch up and throw at overspeeding cars...and cannister loads of aerosol spray to freshen the smell. Or I could mount a hundred little, green pine trees all over the place...maybe match it next to the apples on the walls.

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