Thursday, February 21, 2008

Completely Bonkers for Marian Rivera

OK, I must admit I'm not very fanatical by nature. Sure I follow certain norms and code and prefer several things over most others like many normal, sane and mentally sound people do but now in my mid-life crisis years, I have to admit that I have gone over to the other side of normal!

I have completely gone totally bonkers, stark-raving mad, fanatical for Marian Rivera. Yes, THE Marian Rivera of the Marimar, Philippine Edition fame. I blog about Marimar episodes. See my blogger site: which is mirrored in a similar blog site, to begin with.

Then lately, I have been hooked into YouTube, just to download current episodes of Marimar from the Philippines as the UAE is a week delayed. Then because they were also available, I have been viewing Marian Rivera or Marian and Dingdong (yes, he is indeed named Dingdong!) Dantes' videos or photo-montages by the megabytes per second!

Now I am addicted to the Marian Rivera dot Net forum! I like that I've been meeting new people and making new e-friends. The age scale is varied from 12 year olds to grannies and all these people like the same person as I do,'ll see me key in her name again, just to show you how truly fanatical I've become: here goes....Marian Rivera.

My husband is at the brink of filing our divorce papers as every weekend, the only time we get to spend a few hours together, I'm multi-tasking between two computer screens, one is showing the latest Marimar episode and the other is logged into the Marian Rivera dot net forum.

My daughter cried when Tia Esperanza died. She gets upset when Angelika is mean to Cruzita and again felt really sad when Innocencia got murdered. She watches Marimar twice and joins me at night to watch the latest episodes online.

Last week was a breakthrough. When before I just watched people create these .gifs and images for Marian, I actually joined the bandwagon and made my first ever Marian-Dingdong tribute. A snagged poster from Forget Paris (Billy Crystal and Debra Wringer) gave me an idea for a spoof - with many wishing the Marimar-Sergio love affair be reflected into real life, an epiphany of sorts, with the help of Fireworks (Macromedia) - and I'm only a beginner at it - produced this abomination that I now share with you, visitors of my blog...but really, it is quite catchy, don't you agree?
I have nothing against Ana Karylle Padilla Tatlonghari who is Jose Sixto Gonzales Dantes' (aka Dingdong Dantes, and yes it is real...but this calls for another blog!) real life girlfriend but the Marian-Dingdong team does have that effect on many that you'd wish they end up together, have plenty of kids (sing dami ng talangka sa dagat as the Filipino Sergio would often tell Marimar), and go make lots of TV soaps and movies and live happily ever after.
So Marimar is ending in Manila on 14th of March and my husband is seeing this as the best birthdat present he will ever get, as by then I'd be over my addiction and life could return to normal....NOT!
You see, the 'power-that-be' at GMA decided this tandem is so hot, that they'd like to capitalise on it's rise to stardom and thus a new fantasy tele-serye (television series) will begin in April starring these two good-looking and romantically-convincing couple. Marian Rivera will play "Dyesebel" a mermaid created by Mars Ravelo and Dingdong will play the man who fell in love with her, Fredo. So my madness continues and so will my blogging. Watch this space as my lunacy continues to reach new heights.


Mawe said...

I'm just waiting to see what twists GMA has prepared for Dyesebel, the TV version. My guess is that the telenovela will follow the same tired route with only a few surprises to keep it interesting. I even posted my own prediction how the storyline will go. Check it out to see if you agree or not!

Anna said...

Interessante! Nice...
O seu relato é fantástico.

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