Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 12 (Happy Birthday Marian, Kyle...!)

August 12 seems to be a lot of people's birthday. First there's Thomas Edison’s phonograph model that got completed on this date in 1877, as historical data would tell us.

In Philippine showbiz, there is birthday celebrant Aga Muhlach who was the 80's "crush ng bayan". I wonder how old he is now, probably in his late 30s or maybe even early 40s.

Then there's my step-son Justine Kyle Amador Eliserio, now Guillory, who turns 13 this year and will celebrate his birthday this coming Thursday in Abu Dhabi. Amber's been bugging me the whole day to call his half-brother so she can greet him and talk to him but the day just wore on and we managed to send him an SMS greeting at around 7 in the evening. Hope you have a great year "kuya" Kyle! We love you! “Hello Kyle! Praying too that your injuries from your recent accident are all better now. We enjoyed reading the messages in your cast but we had to increase the size of the photos to read them properly! Cool!”

Next is Alyssa Alano from StarTalk who got famous in YouTube because of her version of the song "Kiss Me". I didn't it was also her birthday if I didn't tune in this morning to the GMA Pinoy TV showbiz gossip/intrigue program. The joys of being home-bound a.k.a. on local leave!

But of course today is Marian Rivera's birthday and since Amber and I are staunch MarianKnights, we hope Marian comes across our page here in the World Wide Web to see our poem and greeting for her.

Happy Birthday Marian Rivera! Happy Birthday to all August 12th celebrants! May all your wishes come true and more...

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