Sunday, February 15, 2004

I'm arguing with batchmates, in a monologue kind of manner - me being the only argumentative type on a combatitve stance - about how we want our high school reunion to be. Oh dear, the agony of meeting up semi-bloated people whom you haven't seen in the last 16 years seems less appealing than perhaps meeting really bloated people whom you haven't seen in the last 17 years!

Reunions are soooo passe. I suggested a beach outing or a casual do. I think we are all prisoners. Why does a reunion have to be in a posh hotel where everyone comes all dressed up pretending to be successful, popular and condescendingly patronise their less fortunate batchmates? Because that's how reunions are?!?! Because it's like the JS Prom and the Homecoming Ball?!?! Well we should all break out of prison - the mental and social constraints that turns us into boring conformist - and do a really nice, memorable, affordable reunion where we go and meet up with old pals, even though everyone looks like they've swalowed some air save for a lucky few who've stayed slim all these years and just have a great time!

Although there IS the fact that not everyone is thrilled to see everyone else and I bet, not everyone would like to attend their high school reunion. For starters, if you are down on your luck with the shirt on your back threatening to unravel from constant use, you'd rather worry about where to get the next meal than whether you'd wear wing-tipped shoes with your blue suit. Who would want to feel like a loser in front of post pubescent schoolmates? Especially when you already are that! You wouldn't want that elusive sliver of success be dangled in your face when you can barely make it through the day. And even if your peers are really nice people who may offer to help, you won't attend just so you could be the charity work of the day. You'd rather disappear from the scene all together and let the rest continue to wonder about what's become of you.

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