Monday, February 23, 2004

My husband's birthday is coming. I wanted to give him a new cell phone but my budget couldn't make the cut. I've solicited for extra dosh from my brother AND sister in law(s) but they've already bought him a gift and so now I must come up with enough money to get him that blasted phone. We have this agreement that other occasions just merit simple tokens (read that: cheap!) but birthdays will get you the works. I've been financially challenged lately and although it is always embarrassing to talk about money, I guess people must start somewhere. I need to come up with an instant money-making scheme that would turn in big bucks. So here are a few quickie options:

- shabu vending (illegal and harmful to customers)
- pyramid scam (a scam's a scam so no go)
- rob a bank (high risk, too much involved)
- sell my daughter (I'd have to make another one)

The rest, I'd have to slave through long working hours, no pay and no assurances of success. I'm probably going to stay poor all my life. Unless I sell my husband and make money whilst eliminating the need to get him a birthday present! Hmmmmmm......Happy 32nd Birthday, Obey!

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