Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Camera shy

My preccocious little toddler has picked up the bad habit of dropping things into the garbage bin. The concept of trash is still alien to her. I think she just finds it a lot of fun to drop things in with the nice flip-flapping plastic lid of our huge trash bin. And so a week came by without me noticing that our digital camera, an Olympus worth about Dhs. 1,000/- (approximately US$272.00) has gone missing. I spent the weekend turning the house upside-down and inside-out in the hope of finding the camera as I had bought the blasted thing to record my daughter's precious early years in the first place....but to no avail. My search was a failure and am now a thousand dirhams poorer sans digital camera. I'm now back to the film-reliant version. The thing is, I have to get them developed and scanning them and downsizing their file sizes are such hassles. I've written my daughter a note sealed in an enveloped to be opened when her first pay check comes. Inside is a note that says: "You owe me a camera!"

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