Monday, March 08, 2004


My dad may be coming down with Alzheimer's disease. It was a sad weekend for me, worrying about my father and moreso, of my mom who is the only one left to care for everyone else. Sometimes I wish I could be nearer my folks so I could help them. The need to find greener pastures has blown my sails into these parts of the desert and yet my anchor is left in the shores of the Philippines.

A year earlier, dad discovered a cyst in his right temple. After a series of lab tests and MRI scans, doctors decided to leave it be lest they puncture or damage more than they ought to cure. This had caused my dad some epileptic-like seizures on several occasions but has held on firmly to the fact that alternative and herbal medication may find him a cure. He's been quite strong and positive about the whole thing...the fact that cancer in his family is rampant. And now, he may have the same disease that former US president Reagan has which his own aunt (my dad's) had.

Despite the care we give our bodies, something just seems to creep up on us as we grow older. I may not be feeling anyhting wrong with me now in my early 30s but I dread the things that I will suffer from by the time I hit 40. This brings me to ponder upon the fact that I was never really good at taking care of my physical being. My husband is bound to suffer the same fate as I granting we have the same lifestyle, diet, habits...

I wouldn't dream of passing our ailing bodies as a burden to our child. This dilemna is like an annoying singular fly in an all white square room with me in the typewriter. I know I have to do something about it but for the moment I'm preoccupied.

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