Saturday, November 20, 2004

Dada died.

Her name is Brenda Mapa. She was taking up Library Science in UP Diliman and was an active member and later officer of the Center for Nationalist Studies, CNS - an activist organisation in UP Diliman.

Dada as we fondly called her could effortlessly blend in the background of a small square room when she chose to. Her face was very kind and approachable...someone whom you won't be intimidated to ask a question or, the time.

Despite her soft-spoken, almost-a-whisper voice, she could be forceful when needed. I remember one such situation when everyone was arguing and heated comments have been tossed around. She spoke, her voice like a thin spray of cooling ice to put everyone back in perspective. A subtle yet powerful voice of reason.

When a friend emailed me that she had died, I remembered her and suddenly missed her. How sad for someone so young to have your life and energy snuffed out of you. But perhaps, her time has come and she is meant for bigger and better things, not of this world.

They say that 'only the good die young'. Dada was indeed one of the few good ones. I only wish I had the chance to properly say goodbye instead of this lousy blog.

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