Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Terrible Two's

My daughter, Amber, is turning two on December 4th. They say that two-year-olds are often terrible, bad-tempered, hard to control, reactionary and impatient little critters. I'm starting to see that!

From an active, happy, easy-to-manage toddler my little girl has become scared, with tantrums and can get into fits of jumping or screaming or both. She has mastered the art of stealth and invisibility that you can look in the bathroom one minute to see it is all clean and tidy and with just a blink of an eye, you discover this pint-sized person splashing water all over and drenching herself in the process!

So I do not really look forward to these years. But then, she can now express herself more. She shows preference for food, clothing and can even crack up a joke or two. It is amazing how quickly they grow. The silver lining in this particular cloud is that...she'll only be two for a year! That isn't that long now is it? We'll just have to bear it as millions of parents have.

Perhaps it is time to teach her some "bad" words? She had indeed learned "Aw shucks!" from me! I really need to check what I say to make sure she does not pick up more!

Aw shucks!

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