Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Driving Test Take 2

Now I took learning it to heart and practised so that I get the correct "measurements" of the reverse parking. Stringent may be the process of getting a license but the gutters in the test area are riddled with markers as to where you are supposed to stop and align either your rear tire or your side mirror to "fit" just right into the gutter as you reverse or parallel park.

So again, at the crack of dawn I was up and off to Muroor. I thought that if you gave your paper first, you get called first...makes sense that way right? Early bird cathing the early call? NO! This time I got called at half past ten! But I was determined to get this and so I passed not only the reverse parking but also the parallel parking test! Hooray!

My dilemna is that I concentrated so hard in passing the first test that I forgot to even bother and practice for the bridge test. But you have no chance to explain, you get pointed at and the place where you should be gets pointed...body language taking more precedence as some aren't English speakers.

So I had to take the bridge test and fail it because I never have done it in my life.

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