Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Driving Test Take 4

The bridge test is proving to be my nemesis indeed as I went, this time with my husband, back for my third attempt at the blasted bridge. We came at about 7:15 having learned that being early does not necessarily entail being called first. At around 10:00 I got called for my bridge test and this time, althought the hand brake was also hard, I was able to lift it and put it down and so I passed my bridge after 3 attempts.

Now my slip is after two months, and this is for the actual road test. Meaning, that my story has no ending yet and so I shall keep posting about it until I finally get a license. Which could turn out to be a problem as by then, I'd have to think about owning a car. That means loans and extra expenses and now I'm thinking if I really do need all that. Phew!

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