Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Tennis anyone?

I've finally decided that to shed off these extra pounds, I need a sports where I am able to run around and not look like some kind of crazy woman on drugs. So I've chosen tennis to lead me to the long but hopefully rewarding state of physical fitness - and some mean backhands!

Timely that Alfa Sports should go on sale and so I was able to purchase the basic gear - racket, shoes, balls and bag at 30% discount. I feel like the universe was indeed consipiring so that I would be able to play tennis and lose weight in no time.

Then everything went on a standstill. For one, I don't have anyone to play tennis with me. Unlike eating - where one could fashionable dine alone...tennis needs a partner! Been imploring work colleagues to help me (read that: teach me!) play tennis but since I've bought 'my gear' a couple of weeks ago, the best I've done with it was move it from the bedroom to the living room!

My desire to be Martina is slowly dwindling and I need someone to save me from this predicament. Tennis anyone? Running after balls is more likely but I guess one should indeed start somewhere.

Now where did I put that playstation joystick....?

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